What’s up, buttercup?

Actually, not much is going on. Ruth worked on her CAT tests. Daniel is on the verge of losing his first tooth (even though the replacement is already fully grown in and waiting for the spot!) and Ezra turned 2!

We’ve gained some feathered friends. An all white homing pigeon is one new ‘pet’. She is currently living in a cage on the side of the shed in the backyard. I’m not really sure why we have her. I want to purge the pets, not add to them – except for the beagle. I love the beagle. We also adopted a baby blue jay. Al’s hoping that she’ll be able to fly away soon. AND…we had a large bear in the backyard. But we are definitely NOT keeping him!

Here are some recent pictures…

Daniel is fishing with his ‘ugly stick’

He caught a perch – but check out the size of the perch compared to the lure! Hungry perch!

Daddy’s perch…

Daddy’s girl catching perch (or trying)

Ruth’s snake-charming skills didn’t work on the snake, but Daniel sure looks woozy!

Ruth with a small blue jay…

My sweet Ezra… Happy Birthday!

PS – after we got home from King of the Frosties where I took the Ezra pics, I showed Al what I thought was a skin tag under Ezra’s arm. Turns out deer ticks look just like skin tags! My poor boy has been feasted upon by a tick for more than 24 hours! I’m calling the Dr. on Monday. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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