What am I reading? Thanks for asking, let me tell you…

I’m sure no one is on the edge of their chair waiting to see what I’m reading. But I’ll tell you anyway 🙂

I have been reading and thoroughly trying to understand…
“The God Who is There”, by Francis Schaeffer. This book is, for me, difficult to wade through. I don’t always track with this kind of book – I’m just not that smart. But I am trying and it is very interesting. It has to do with historic Christianity and a shift in philosophy leading to a shift in arts, culture and finally theology. Since Francis Scaeffer wrote this book in 1968, much has changed and yet much has not. I’d say more, but as I already said, I’m just not clever enough to discuss this book (yet).

Also reading… “Light in the North” by J.D.Douglas and edited by F.F. Bruce about the Scottish Covenanters. I am really enjoying this book. It is also difficult to wade through, but for different reasons. I just need to figure out who all the people are and how they figure into the historical accounts. Some sort of table or chart might be helpful. I’m taking notes as I go so that I can keep it straight. I don’t think I ever learned about the history of the Church from this period in Scotland. I guess our basic education tends to focus on American Church history, English Church history (America’s roots). I am enjoying reading this history.

“The End of Education” by Neil Postman. So far, also interesting. As I consider why we homeschool and how and to what end, this is a helpful book – although it is not a book about homeschooling and is definitely not a Christian book.

“Parenting the Hurt Child” by Dr. Gregory Keck. This book is about parenting an adopted or foster child. I have found some of this book to be helpful. As with all books that I read that I might try to practically apply in real life, I need to be careful to press it through the sieve of biblical wisdom and truth. Often, Al has to help bring me back to that 🙂

So, there it is. What I am reading.

Happy Gotcha Day

It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since we met Radu and Ezra at JFK. Radu, our agency director, escorted Ezra from Ethiopia. We met on a sunny day at the international pickup area of JFK. Radu was wearing Ezra in a Baby Bjorn and he was much tinier than I imagined. He was very watchful and seemed to not be alarmed by all of the strangers (soon to be family) that kept holding him.

At nine months old, Ezra was unable to hold any weight at all on his legs while I held him. He couldn’t sit up and he had no strength in his back or legs. He was very small and the back of his head was very flat from lying on his back so much. Frankly, and I still believe this, Ezra seemed to be much younger than nine months. We fed him some baby cereal and it seemed to me that this was his first time eating from a spoon. I have seen (via blogland) many babies that have come home at the same age since then and they are all stronger, bigger and healthier than Ezra was.

Ezra has continued to develop late in most areas. That is what we expected and I’m not too worried. He still doesn’t say much in real language – but he’s a great babbler. Some other things we’ve learned about him is that he has an extremely high pain tolerance – normal for babies with his background. He has a strong temper as well. However, his tantrums do not seem to go on and on like other children with RAD. I wonder how much of his behavior is attributed to RAD and how much is just plain toddler behavior.

Ezra is happy with almost everyone and has the greatest smile in the world! (We did the official ‘greatest smile’ test and it’s confirmed) He is running, jumping, and thankfully, not climbing. His sister and brother love him and overall we have all adjusted pretty well. He is a real blessing from God and even on the hard days with him, I wouldn’t change anything. We know that God has a plan for each of our children and is sanctifying all of us every day!

Here is a video from this morning. You’ll see that Ezra has tons of strength in his legs now!

And for more about parenting…here is a link (bottom of paragraph) to a sermon by Russell Moore that we’ve enjoyed recently. It’s about disciplining children. I was convicted when he says regarding ‘over-discipline’ that we shouldn’t discipline for things that annoy us! And that good discipline or over/under discipline is teaching our children and others things about God and the Gospel. This is from the man who also believes (if I understood him correctly in a different sermon) that teens don’t need cell-phones (*gasp*) and has an answer to parents who say ‘but it’s for their safety’. Check him out sometime!

Russell Moore Links…

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