We keep getting snow around here. The snow is above our windowsills and it’s feeling very cave-like. I get freaked out when the dog walks around the house and he’s level with the windows. He’s a very big, black dog against the white snow and it’s like he’s an omen or something. The upside is that if we had to jump out of a window because of a fire – well, it wouldn’t be too difficult. I realized that if I lived somewhere south where it never snows, I wouldn’t miss the cold and snow – AT ALL, EVER, EVEN A SMIDGEN! I do think that snow is beautiful and I love the use of it in Scripture to compare our redeemed souls (whiter than snow). That is the best way I can phrase it without sounding (or feeling) unthankful for God’s beautiful creation, but wishing I didn’t have to actually live in the snow.

Al’s going to the Pastor’s Conference again this year in Minneapolis. He has a tattoo that says ‘I heart John Piper’ in Greek. (see video)

So – here’s a video that my friend, Kim, sent to me. Check out her blog, after you watch the video.

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