Saturday Nights – ‘Like a Rockstar’

Here at the Teahouse, we have a standard kiddo routine for Saturday nights. It includes bath, hair, dance around :), early to bed. I have found that prep on Saturday night makes for much calmer Sunday mornings. Here is a little photo blog of Ruth’s Saturday night- which was very snarly.

Ruth has some commentary about the whole ordeal…

and not wanting to be left out, Daniel asks you a question…

So much cuteness at the Teahouse!

Now I’m going to go read ‘Deception’ by Randy Alcorn.


We keep getting snow around here. The snow is above our windowsills and it’s feeling very cave-like. I get freaked out when the dog walks around the house and he’s level with the windows. He’s a very big, black dog against the white snow and it’s like he’s an omen or something. The upside is that if we had to jump out of a window because of a fire – well, it wouldn’t be too difficult. I realized that if I lived somewhere south where it never snows, I wouldn’t miss the cold and snow – AT ALL, EVER, EVEN A SMIDGEN! I do think that snow is beautiful and I love the use of it in Scripture to compare our redeemed souls (whiter than snow). That is the best way I can phrase it without sounding (or feeling) unthankful for God’s beautiful creation, but wishing I didn’t have to actually live in the snow.

Al’s going to the Pastor’s Conference again this year in Minneapolis. He has a tattoo that says ‘I heart John Piper’ in Greek. (see video)

So – here’s a video that my friend, Kim, sent to me. Check out her blog, after you watch the video.

I Feel Pretty…

We have been watching the “I Feel Pretty” scene from West Side Story on youtube. I love this Disney Princess version and Ruth and I have fun watching it! Ruth groans at the end with all the happily ever after kissing – she said that a curtsie or a bow would be better!

The original from West Side story is also very fun to watch. I love all the interaction on it…

I think that the doll is winning!

I love (well, not really) how Ruth and her doll have matching wacked-out hair. This is a game that we play pretty regularly. The kiddos are learning that, contrary to the game’s sub-title, revenge is never sweet. ‘Sorry’ just doesn’t cut it when you send someone back to their start on your way to victory. They both love to ‘sorry’ someone, but hate to be on the other side of the ‘sorry’. What are we teaching them anyway! I guess we are helping them learn to lose gracefully


We’ve had a quiet, snowy, cold month.

Most of us have been healthy. Homeschooling continues. Ezra has been here for 10 months already, which is longer than he was in Ethiopia! He has an interesting personality and temperment (oops, that’s temperament!). He seems to be a little behind normal development for his age, but that is expected for him. He RUNS everywhere now. I’m waiting for the day that he climbs/falls out of his crib. It seems inevitable for a child of his energy and determination.

For Christmas, I received “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn as a gift. I read it in a day. From there, I read “The Victory of John and Betty Stam” by Mrs. Howard Taylor and “Tortured For Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand. All three books have given me a different perspective on persecution, missions, health and comfort, etc. I would recommend any of the three books.

I’ll try to post again soon.

Happy New Year!

Ruth with three stockings. We hung Ezra’s stocking last year but he was still in Ethiopia. It is a blessing to have him home this year.

Here are some pics of the last couple of weeks.

We left off with Uncle Chris – here he is cleaning the family car before heading back to New Jersey. We sent two Christmas trees from our tree field for our NJ families.

Snow by Christmas??? – sure thing!

Decorating our tree… Ezra was mesmerized!




The dinosaur excavation kits were a major hit with Ruth and Daniel. They each spent some time digging through the very messy blocks (hopefully all non-toxic mess!). Ruth was especially determined to find every bone.

Our budding archaeologist is still a girly-girl at heart…

And Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Pogo Stick from Grammie & PapPap…