Don’t forget to Vote (as if you could forget!)

Election Day tomorrow.

Justin Taylor, who always has a penetrating Christian worldview (imho), offers some election blogging. He posted a video a couple of days ago by John Piper that elicited comments from all over. In response, JT posted some clarification and even some *gasp* qualms. It’s an excellent post and my favorite quote in all of it can be applied universally, from politics to child-rearing to evangelism to marriage to employment… Regarding the sovereignty of God over all things, JT says,

“… God not only ordains ends but also commands and ordains means… The fact that God ordains means ensures that our actions have significance. The ordained outcome can never be seen as an excuse for complacency or fatalism.”

One other item I thought was perceptive was that he said that for some politics can become an idol. We must be able to be passionate about something without worshipping it!

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