We’re adopting again!!!

actually, I should clarify…we’re adopting Ezra again! Some states will recognize an international adoption and just sign off on it. New York state – not so much. You have to go through almost all of the same adoption hoops all over again. New physicals, more fingerprints, more money, references, etc…

We had our second post-placement visit from our social worker today. She comes from Clifton Park, about 2 hours from us (which happens to be the closest we could find!) and spent about an hour and a half. Al came home for the end of the visit. It went pretty smoothly and I think I have moved from feeling like we are being judged to feeling like we have an adoption ally. Laurie (our sw) let us know that some things we have seen in Ezra are completely normal and expected. Phew! Although each day seems large and full of challenges and excitement – the bigger picture is that our children are only with us for a short time. My perspective is sometimes so short-sighted and concerned with only the present. I need to be preparing my kids for their lives, not just today or tomorrow. Yikes.

I leave you with Ezra pictures – he’s been a rare sighting on my blog lately…

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