To start – it might be helpful to include some definitions and perceptions of voluptuous and virtuous.

1. Giving, characterized by, or suggesting ample, unrestrained pleasure to the senses: voluptuous sculptural forms; a voluptuous ripe fruit; a full, voluptuous figure.
2. a. Devoted to or indulging in sensual pleasures.
2. b. Directed toward or anticipating sensual pleasure: voluptuous thoughts.
2. c. Arising from or contributing to the satisfaction of sensuous or sensual desires.
See synonyms at sensual.

[Middle English, from Old French voluptueux, from Latin voluptusus, full of pleasure, from volupts, pleasure; see wel-1 in Indo-European roots.]

vo·luptu·ous·ly adv.
vo·luptu·ous·ness n.

Now virtuous:
1. Having or showing virtue, especially moral excellence: led a virtuous life.
2. Possessing or characterized by chastity; pure: a virtuous woman. See Synonyms at moral.
virtu·ous·ly adv.
virtu·ous·ness n.

Perceptions that exist – Well for one, I googled voluptuous and needed a filter for what came up. It is automatically linked to adult sites. Virtuous – not so much. In our culture, greater value is given to voluptuous and virtue is scorned. To be virtuous is to be prudish and outdated. Sensuality is exalted and something that is to be attained. I see teenagers (even girls that I believe are nice girls) try to appear sensual on their myspace with their poses and their ‘bumper stickers’, etc. The argument is that the girls are not really that way, it’s just the way all girls pose and act – it’s just a spoof. Can you appear immoral and actually be moral? Miley Cyrus comes to mind!
Is there value in virtue. Yes! It is valued by God and by godly men and women (which we’ll see in Scripture as we go forward.) As a woman and a mother, I desire to show that virtue is worth going against the flow for and is not outdated or ugly. Can I do that and still seem ‘with it’? Probably not – ‘with it’ isn’t even a popular term, I’m already showing my age! However – sensuality vs. virtue has nothing to do with age. We can’t be tricked into thinking that it’s ok to play around with sensuality and appearing sensual as young women – even if it’s for a season and then hope to ‘settle down’ when we get older. It’s dangerous.
For us already ‘settled down’ women, it is still something we need to look at. I may not seem overly sensual (hopefully), but am I a Proverbs 31 woman? I have a long way to go, sisters!
So do you want to be virtuous or voluptuous?

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