Psalm 51 Sin, Confession, Mercy and Grace

“We blow it. We cover. We hide. We realize we’ve got nowhere to hide and somehow, somewhere God meets us, and shockingly he meets us with grace instead of judgement. This is David’s story, my story, your story. Not the legacy of self-righteous, impatient, condemning ‘I’m better than you’ anger, but the harvest of a man of grace giving grace to a man who doesn’t deserve grace but won’t live again without it.”

This Paul Tripp quote is taken from a video clip on Justin Taylor’s, ‘Between Two Worlds’. Justin, who works at Crossway, is reading the soon to be released, Whiter Than Snow by Paul Tripp. He has been posting some wonderful excerpts. If the excerpts are any indication, “Whiter Than Snow” will leave me both convicted and comforted.

Paul Tripp, in an interview with Justin Taylor, says, “My prayer is that Whiter Than Snow would cause people to understand how comprehensive their struggle with sin actually is and how powerful the mercy of God is as well. I think it is healthy for the church to be both the saddest and most celebrant community on earth. If this book pushes us that way I would be delighted!”

Here are some links to the excerpts and video…
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