Happy Birthday to Ezra!!

Ezra is turning one today! Yay!! The kiddos suggested that we be really nice to Ezra today since it’s his birthday. Umm…aren’t we always really nice to Ezra?

He has some more teeth coming in and he is really cranky – poor guy. Otherwise, he is doing super. He is crawling, babbling, clapping, singing and pulling up. He loves food and mommy – in that order. He also loves the rest of the family and we all love him!

Here are some pictures of the kids. Ezra was pulling up on Daniel and then attacking him. It was so funny.

I never realized how difficult it is to get photos of all the kiddos together. Argh. So here is Ruth on our porch before church last night. Maybe if you scroll between the pictures really fast it will seem like it’s all one big happy picture! (and yes, I know that my voice is really annoying on the video – oh well..)

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