A few nights ago Daniel asked why God made blackflies (which are an Adirondack swarming, blood-sucking blight!) He was getting ready for bed and he was really itchy. I thought of that yesterday while I was walking with the kiddos through the woods when Daniel told me that God made EVERYTHING. He said it as I was swatting mosquitoes away from my face.

God made mosquitoes and black flies. I knew that. I think they’re part of the curse, and not part of the original creation where everything was ‘very good.’ But have you ever considered that the curse was an intentional and specific act on God’s part? It wasn’t latent in us just waiting for sin to activate it. Adam and Eve sinned. Then God intentionally produced and enacted a curse that included a loss of the fellowship of God, thorny grounds (blackflies and mosquitoes?), hard labor, butchering, role-coveting, domineering, childbearing pain, and ultimately death.

I am thankful for the cross, for regeneration by grace through faith, for the new birth and someday the new bodies and new heavens and earth, and for eternity spent with Jesus (even especially in the absence of blackflies.)

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