Entrusted to God

“Take care that you put all your dear ones into God’s hand.
You have put your own soul there, put their souls and bodies
likewise into His custody. You can trust Him for ‘temporals’ for
yourself, trust your ‘jewels’ with Him. Feel that they are not
your own, but that they are God’s loans to you — loans which are
called back at any moment. Your possessions are never so safe
as when you are willing to resign them, and you are never so rich
as when you put all you have into the hand of the Lord.

You shall find it greatly mitigates the sorrow of bereavements,
if before bereavement you shall have learned to surrender every
day all the things which are dearest to you into the keeping of
your gracious God.”

by C.H. Spurgeon

Otto has a lake house

Otto is the really big german shepherd that lives with us 95% of the year but doesn’t actually belong to us. He also spends random weekends and a two-week summer vacation at a lakehouse. Not our lake house (since we don’t have one) – his lake house. And it’s not just any lake house, it’s more of a lake estate on over 1,000 acres with more than one lake. Lucky dog, huh?

We had to pick him up from his owner’s lake house yesterday. Sometimes, along the two mile private road, we see some wildlife. We haven’t seen anything too exciting, but the kiddos like it. Yesterday, we saw a grouse and her chicks.

Summer chucks

Morning Coffee…


steadfast love

is better



Psalm 63:3

Happy Birthday to Ezra!!

Ezra is turning one today! Yay!! The kiddos suggested that we be really nice to Ezra today since it’s his birthday. Umm…aren’t we always really nice to Ezra?

He has some more teeth coming in and he is really cranky – poor guy. Otherwise, he is doing super. He is crawling, babbling, clapping, singing and pulling up. He loves food and mommy – in that order. He also loves the rest of the family and we all love him!

Here are some pictures of the kids. Ezra was pulling up on Daniel and then attacking him. It was so funny.

I never realized how difficult it is to get photos of all the kiddos together. Argh. So here is Ruth on our porch before church last night. Maybe if you scroll between the pictures really fast it will seem like it’s all one big happy picture! (and yes, I know that my voice is really annoying on the video – oh well..)


A few nights ago Daniel asked why God made blackflies (which are an Adirondack swarming, blood-sucking blight!) He was getting ready for bed and he was really itchy. I thought of that yesterday while I was walking with the kiddos through the woods when Daniel told me that God made EVERYTHING. He said it as I was swatting mosquitoes away from my face.

God made mosquitoes and black flies. I knew that. I think they’re part of the curse, and not part of the original creation where everything was ‘very good.’ But have you ever considered that the curse was an intentional and specific act on God’s part? It wasn’t latent in us just waiting for sin to activate it. Adam and Eve sinned. Then God intentionally produced and enacted a curse that included a loss of the fellowship of God, thorny grounds (blackflies and mosquitoes?), hard labor, butchering, role-coveting, domineering, childbearing pain, and ultimately death.

I am thankful for the cross, for regeneration by grace through faith, for the new birth and someday the new bodies and new heavens and earth, and for eternity spent with Jesus (even especially in the absence of blackflies.)

Taking an approved CAT Test Break