Happy 11 Monthiversary with a lot of rambling

It’s funny how we mark time. I used to laugh at the parents who used months to give the age of their children – ‘he’s 46 months now, such a big boy’ they would say in their baby voice with a sappy grin. I would be like – ‘dude, just say he’s almost four’ (ok, dude probably didn’t make it in my thoughts then – but I like it now thanks to Hurley) And now, I have ‘monthiversary’ posts. When Ezra is 12 months – or a year in normal people time, I will revert to marking annual events only.
Aaanyway…Ezra is 11 months old today. We have had him for a little over two months. He is doing really well. When he came to us he had zero muscle tone in his legs, couldn’t sit up and I don’t think he had been fed any baby food yet. Now, he can sit up unassisted. He can stand if he is holding on to something. He is almost crawling, thanks to Al’s efforts – just think leading a horse with a carrot – always keeping the desired item just out of reach! He has two teeth, the second tooth popped through overnight and was bright and shining this morning. He can give a high-five, mimics us with sounds, laughs alot and the best thing is he gives me great baby kisses. You know the kind – big open mouth and then squishes against my cheek. He has definitely attached to us and is a very happy baby. We are so blessed.

I have read blogs where adoptive parents vent about annoying things that people say to them about their adopted children. They keep track of the perceived offensive comments like they are badges of honor. Even things like “You have your hands full” or “Better you than me” are included. Personally, I don’t mind when people speak to me or ask me questions about Ezra. They are engaging me, not offending me. I think that it is better for someone to ask me directly. Most people are asking out of good will – there are no mean intentions, they just don’t really know how to ask or what to say. I have not had anyone say anything that is offensive (except for anonymous). One comment that I get alot is something like this, “So is it getting old for Ruth and Daniel?” I think they want to know if the newness of having a baby brother has worn off and wonder if they are possibly even resentful. I think about it alot and I would have to say that the newness of our kitten has worn off, but Ruth and Daniel’s love for Ezra has only deepened. They are attentive and LOVE him. Sure, they are still wanting to do their own things and they don’t breathe out Ezra’s name with every breath. But they are excited when he is up from his naps, they bring him toys, they want to feed him and make him laugh. He is their baby brother forever!

Well, this post has rambled a bit. I hope the pictures are fun.

This is a picture of the kids with Horace. We eat breakfast with Horace every Sunday and he loves the kiddos, including Ezra, who he calls Isaiah Israel.

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