10 great ideas…

Desiring God blog posted 10 good ideas to help your children develop a love for missions. The post begins with…

“There are things we can do to help our kids love the nations and the cause of Christ, even though a heart and calling for the Great Commission is ultimately something only God can grant.”

We have already established some of the 10 ideas in our family, but there are others that I want to implement too. One good idea to try is to have your child become a penpal of a missionary child of the same-ish age. I can think of one family that has children around the same age as Ruth and Daniel, so we’re going to begin with them! I also love the statement in the post for parents that says, “If God says, ‘go’, release them to Go!”

My great-grandfather was Captain Barlow (a captain of the Cunard line – and specifically the Queen Mary) who would show particular love and attention to missionary families who would make the passage from England to the US in the cheapest accommodations. He would invite them to dinner at the Captain’s table and would treat them as if they were the wealthiest passengers. When they docked in New York, he would then invite the families to his home where his wife and three children waited. They would eat together and stay over. I’m sure it was something that ministered to the missionary families. It was also something that made a great impression on my grandfather, then a child, who later took care to show hospitality to missionaries when he was an adult. In his ‘retirement years’ my grandfather served as the editor of CMML Magazine (a brethren missionary magazine) along with itinerant preaching each weekend. My memories of my grandparents include their love, concern and support for missionaries around the world.

The DG post finishes with this statement – which is our daily prayer for Ruth, Daniel and Ezra…

Most of all, pray every day that your kids will develop hearts that mirror God’s compassion for the nations and love for his glory in them!

What do you do in your family to nurture a love for missions, missionaries and God’s glory among all the nations?

This picture was taken last year. Ruth is pointing to Papua, where Uncle Chris was with TETM at the time, and where some of our church’s ‘retired’ couples are spending this week helping our missionaries. What a great way to develop a love for missions – Go and help the missionaries!

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