Hmmm…not much happening

So – we are a sick household. Strep and it’s ugly little bacteria have infected almost all of us. Ruth and I began the medicine yesterday. It has worked wonders for Ruth. She is ‘thanking the Lord’ that she feels better – she keeps telling me that. Daniel is starting to show signs so I will fill his prescription today. As for me, I don’t think it’s killing the germs yet and on top of the strep, I started – well maybe you don’t want to know. Let’s just say that it hurts to swallow anything and it’s twice as painful when food is rejected and sent back up!

On the brighter side of things, we have another addition to the family… can you guess what this is…

Hmmm… maybe this will clear it up…

Yup, Daddy brought home this sweet calico kitten for Ruth today. I am at a loss with what to do with her. I can handle a new baby just fine, but this wee bit of fur is going to be a challenge, I think. She’s only eight weeks old and she’ll have to get used to us. In the meantime, we need to keep our resident humongous German Shepherd away from her. I know that the Johnsons & Toifels are laughing at us right now! Ruth is so excited and wants to call Abby to tell her. I’m not sure if it’s bragging or excitement, so I’m holding off for right now, but Laura, if you’re reading this, maybe you can show the kiddos the pictures. Ruth is trying to come up with a name. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments.

So, I guess that’s all for this post. I’ll go keep taking medicine and hoping it will stay down, feed the baby and kids, feed the fire (because we got another 4 inches of snow last night!), try to get some laundry done, keep the kitty safe, eat the ice cream that Tracy surprised me with if my throat doesn’t hurt, etc.

Here are a few more pics…

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