Daniel with Otto

Here is Daniel with Otto. Otto is a black german shepherd that we take care of for a family that has a vacation home in the area. We’ve had him for over a year and he has settled in to our family and is a nice dog – most of the time. The downside is that he is huge and that he sheds – ALOT. When we first got him, we had company over and while I was in the kitchen, Otto was in the other room with the kids and our company. One of our guests walked in to the kitchen to tell me that Otto had Daniel’s head in his mouth! He wasn’t biting, just swallowing him I guess. Turns out that it is something that he does that is affectionate bullying. He doesn’t do it anymore, thankfully, and the kids love him (again, most of the time). He is at his owner’s house today for the day enjoying being outside and playing with his other family. I’ll pick him up tonight and he’ll be worn out.

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