DG Pastor’s conference, a link and a quiz

Some of our church men are at the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference this week. You can listen to the sermons at the DG site. They are usually posted soon after they are preached.

Also, on the DG site are some convicting thoughts by John Piper concerning the use of the women with Downs Syndrome as ‘suicide’ bombers (the women didn’t even know what they were doing). I was upset when I read the news, but Piper brings in some other upsetting facts that need to be considered together with the news. It’s worth a click over to read it.

Finally, a quiz…

What Movie/Book are these lines from?
A: Wilt thou give me a lock of your jet black tresses?
D: (perplexed) But I don’t have any black dresses.
A: (sighing) Your hair.
D: Okay
It was on PBS yesterday afternoon. (yes, we do have a TV and we even watch it sometimes)

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