Some Tripp Lit…

“What your children need is spiritual nurture. They need to be taught the ways of God. They need to be instructed in the character of God so that they can learn a proper fear of God. They need to understand that all of life rushes toward the day when we shall stand before God and give account. They need to learn about the pervasive effects of the fall on the human condition. They need to understand subtleties of the malignancy of thier own hearts. They need to know the dangers of trusting in themselves. They need answers to the great problems of life. They need to understand the difference between presuppostional thinking and empiricism (so do I!). In short, they need nurturing instruction.

Nurture them. Tenderly encourage them to trust God. They need to trust him not only for salvation, but for daily living. Teach them how knowing God impacts on the experience of being bullied in the school yard. This will make a difference in how they interact with their failures and successes. Knowing God will make a difference when they are afraid, angry, hurting, sinning, or sinned against. Knowing what God is like will speak to them when they are tempted. Knowing God will affect the long-term goals for their lives. You must help your children understand the rich treasures of living in the vitality of a robust and lively faith in Jesus.

You must always hold out to your children both their need of Christ’s invasive redemptive work and their obligation to repent of their sin and place their faith in Jesus Christ. Repentance and faith are not rites of initiation to Christianity. Repentance and faith are the way to relate to God. Repentance and faith are not acts performed one time to become a Christian. They are attitudes of the heart toward our sin. Faith is not just the way to get saved; it is the lifeline of Christian living.

Your children must understand what it means to repent, not just ‘of all my sins’ in some generalized way, but of specific sins of heart idolatry. They need to know the cleansing and refreshing forgiveness of God, not just once to get saved, but daily. They must understand the Christian life not simply as living according to a biblical code, but as life in faith, commitment, and fellowship with the living God.”

From Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

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