I started a book by John Angell James called “A Help to Domestic Happiness”. It is a book that discusses the high importance of the family as it relates to the here and now and as it relates to eternity. It was written in 1828 and first published in 1883. I shouldn’t say that I am surprised at its relevancy in this culture because the family was established by God and the attacks have always come against it as a result of the fall, satan and specific curses in man (Adam) and woman (Eve). However, the problems then, mirror the problems now, and that is a little bit surprising to me.

I am only partway into the text. Here is a quote that reminded me of the seriousness of my duty and call as a wife and mother, as a woman…

Every member of every household is an immortal creature; every one that leaves the circle by death, goes into an eternity of torment or of bliss. Now, since all the institutes of God look to another world as their chief and ultimate reference, surely, surely, that institute which is the most powerful of all in the formation of character (family), must be considered as set up with a special intention to prepare the subjects of it for ‘glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life.’

I am enjoying this book. It is grounded in an eternal perspective and permeated with a high view of the call of the family institution and a higher view of God.

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