Sunday dreams…

Awww… Aren’t they so sweet when they’re sleeping?? They are storing up energy for the fun times ahead… Ruth is racing the dog – and winning! Daniel thought it might be fun to ride his tricycle backwards down the hill from the field. Somehow, he almost always ends up on the ground 🙂

There’s a Fountain Flowing

Carl Stenholm

There’s a fountain flowing
From the Savior’s side;
Life and health bestowing,
Since for man He died.

And the Word declareth,
Bathing there is free;
Who is he that dareth
Hinder you and me?

Heav’nly balm it poureth
Into hearts that grieve;
Gladness it restoreth
When earth’s comforts leave.

Oft my heart was sinking
’Neath the load I bore;
Kneeling here, and drinking,
I was strong once more.

By its murm’ring waters
I lie down each night;
When my courage totters
It renews my might.