Addis Ababa

Here is another video. This is taken by A.C.E.D.E., which is an organization started and operated by Bernadette Haile to help very poor single mothers learn skills that will help them to support themselves and their children in Addis Ababa. The idea is that over the course of a year, the women learn sewing, embroidery and weaving while being helped to set up an account and begin to save. The children are kept on site. They are fed and educated and taken care of. Many of these children could’ve easily been turned in for adoption or become street children. Instead, the mothers are being helped and trained to raise them.

This video has some cultural shots as well as lots of scenes with children. I am assuming (because I don’t speak French) that these are the beneficiaries of the program. If anyone who watches this understands what Bernadette Haile is saying halfway through the video (in French), feel free to leave the translation in the comments section here. I will probably move these three videos to my sidebar and get back to regular posting soon. Enjoy. Apprecier!

A.C.E.D.E – Visite – Octobre 2007
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