Back from the conference

We have returned!

The conference was great! I am so glad we went. We went with a group of thirteen. Some highlights include singing with everyone there, listening to John MacArthur and John Piper in a Q&A type setting with Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds) moderating, hearing the speakers – all of them were good! Hearing from Helen Roseveare was a treat. It was fun to process everything with our friends. You can watch or listen to all of the sessions here.

We came back with lots of books – most of which were in the gift-bag. We also bought two Jerry Bridges and one John MacArthur book, along with “The Storybook Bible” for the kiddos and Noel Piper’s children’s book.

The flights and delays were – well – typical. But since I like to watch people, it was interesting for me.

The hotel was nice and the Ohio State Buckeye football team and the Minnesota Vikings were staying there too! We rode the elevator with players from each team (not that I’d know who they were!)

We ate out in some fun spots. The picture is our table at the Newsroom which was only a block away.

So, there it is… I’ll post more later.

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