Transracial Adoption

I read a super interview with Thabiti Anyabwile about transracial adoption. I appreciated his wisdom and it resonates with us as to why we are adopting and our hopes for our child in Christ.

He talks about focusing on a biblical common humanity – a ‘same’ rather than ‘other’. He says to then talk in terms of nations and God’s plan for all peoples.

The part I really loved is the following:

“So, give considerable time to helping your child think of her or himself as one made in the image of God. The dignity of their lives is derived primarily from this aspect of their identity. Whatever struggles they encounter in terms of social and ethnic identity, they should resolve them in light of this fundamental truth. Also, parents want to help their children ground their identity in Christ if the child is/becomes a Christian. They are being renewed in the knowledge of God, righteousness and holiness through their union with Christ. This is the most profound aspect of who they are and understanding this is critical for putting identity conflicts in their proper perspective. Having laid that theological basis then it’s time to think critically about ethnic culture, experiences, and ideas.”

And I’m glad that he reminds us that God’s grace is sufficient for all things including parenting

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