It has been a long time since I’ve given an adoption update. I guess since we are mostly just waiting it seems kind of boring for the rest of you…

Well, about two or three weeks ago, I found out I didn’t complete a crucial dossier step, so…. I had to get State Authentication (Apostille). In the process of that, I found out that our very official birth certificates and marriage license needed to be even more official before I could get the apostille. Argh! I finally got back all paperwork and now I am sending it to NYS with $10 per document (double-Argh!). Once I get it back, I will return it to Washington, DC and be back in the loop.

The GOOD thing is that the courts in Ethiopia are closed so I’m not losing time there. Our agency director believes we will make up the time with the referral and not be behind. And actually, since we only began in May, I can’t say I’m too worried when I see what the process is like for other countries and/or agencies. Besides, I’m not really in baby mode yet. It seems a little bit surreal to me to be ‘expecting’. With our bio-kiddos, it was very real to be expecting with the kicking and tons of extra weight and all of those great pregnancy benefits.

There it is. An official adoption update. You may now return to your regular programming.

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