My ‘new’ piano

I am so blessed to have my grandmother’s piano! I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me…but let me try. I have wonderful memories of time spent with my grandparents in their home. One picture I have is when I am probably 18 months old and I’m ‘playing’ the piano while on my father’s lap.
My grandmother would occasionally sit at her piano and play some hymns. It wasn’t too often and if I made a big deal about it, she would find something else to do. As I grew, I would sit at the piano and try to play some hymns too. When I was in my teenage years, I remember playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (yes, really!) from my lessons. My grandparents were full of patience. I really can’t play, but I know that I will sit down at this treasure and at least play a hymn a day.
My Aunt Ruth spent a lot of time going through my grandmother’s home after she died and put together boxes of memories for each of us. Once the piano was settled, I began to go through the boxes and found lots of treats. Aunt Ruth even included some of my grandmother’s study notes that were written on scraps of paper. I am very thankful to have everything because it reminds me of what a lovely, godly woman my grandmother was. Thank you, Aunt Ruth, for taking time to preserve and share the treasures and memories.

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