Grandma and Jim Elliot (re-post)

While I’m reminiscing about my grandparents, here is an earlier post about them and about Jim Elliot…

Jim Elliot came to dinner, but not to my house (although we did have a GREAT time with Kim, Christina, David, Bryant, Troy & Melissa on Sunday).

The guest book above belonged to my grandmother. It was a gift from my grandfather’s brother for Christmas 1946 and Uncle Ebby was the first to sign it. Five days later, Jim Elliott and his friend, Ron Harris, were the 2nd and 3rd to sign. (If you click on the picture, it’s alot easier to read.)


My grandmother’s mother Jane Elliot Sangster was born to a family with double cousins. That means that Jane Elliot (my great grandmother) & Jim Elliot’s father were first cousins and double cousins. Which means – and it gets tricky here – that their parents & aunts & uncles were all siblings. Four siblings from one family married four siblings from another family (rural Ontario). Those unions produced children that were called double cousins because they have aunts & uncles in common on both sides of the marriage. Make sense???

So…my grandmother and Jim Elliot were the same generation and were 2nd cousins. It was their parents that were the offspring of the sibling marriages.


Anyway, my grandmother knew Jim and had him for dinner at their home in Toronto. It was the Christmas break of Jim’s sophomore year at Wheaton. Jim’s companion for dinner from the guest book, Ronald Harris, ended up boarding with my grandparents in Toronto for some time while attending college (seminary?) (based on my grandmother’s 90 year-old memory). That summer, Jim went with Ron to Mexico for a 6 week missions trip. Not long after he met a missionary from Brazil and his calling was further solidified in his heart.


I don’t know why I took a picture of the page of the guest book while I was in Toronto. I have always known that my grandmother was a relative of Jim Elliot’s. I suppose Christians have their “heroes of faith” (Hebrews 11) and Jim Elliot’s testimony and experience is certainly something that has been used in the lives of many people. Because of his martyrdom (along with the four other faithful men) in Ecuador, so many missionaries heard the call to service.

Truth be told, my Christian “hero of faith“, was at that dinner in 1946 — but she was the one faithfully serving the dinner, just as she faithfully did for the next 60 years.

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