Some Updates:
Adoption –
The homestudy is finished, but awaiting official clearances. We are waiting for have our FBI fingerprinting appointment-WooHoo. I think I have most of the documents put together and ready for round two of notary certifications, including travel to Albany – for those of you who know me, you know I just can’t wait for that 🙂 Hopefully our dossier will be ready soon. I am not really anxious about it. The courts in Ethiopia close for rainy season and the new year (celebrated Sept. 11 over there) and it’s a new millenium for Ethiopia too. So there are some built in delays to the process, but I am trusting the Lord with our Ethiopian baby boy and know we will see him when it’s time.

Remember this guy?

Well now his really big brother has begun to come around. Sunday night, he pulled our garbage can off the porch and casually sat in our driveway eating his spoils (ha, literally!) The next night he came back and decided to spread Al’s fishing gear all over the yard. Really! Last night, no sign. I know we live in the ADKs and this is fairly common, but I don’t love him visiting our porch!

Piece by tiny piece of dereliction… update:
My original post about “The Positive Bible” caught the attention of Christina (thanks!). Here are a couple more tiny pieces for your consideration…

The Pyromaniacs:
A Little Leaven:

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