Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds posted the following message regarding the Desiring God book sale. What a good problem to have! (although – no doubt it’s frustrating)

Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Matt Perman asked if I’d post this note for those of you trying to access their big two-day sale:

The sale has generated so much traffic to the checkout process in our store that the DG server is at its limit. In fact, the traffic is so high that even two servers couldn’t handle it. There are some solutions we can implement (namely, optimizing the code in the checkout process), but none that could be implemented by tomorrow.

So here is a different idea: Let’s divide the traffic to the DG site into two sources: (1) People that are reading this post and (2) people that aren’t. If everybody reading this post waits until tomorrow to order (I’m so sorry to ask this of you!), then there might be enough processing power for all the other people that don’t know what’s happening. Perhaps enough of that group will place their orders tonight, and tomorrow everyone else will make it through. And, obviously, the more you spread the word about this post, the more the people in group 1 increases, and the more likely this is to work.

Again, I’m so sorry to even mention this idea–our aim is to make your lives easier, not harder. And of course we don’t even know if this will work–but it seems worth a try. If you have other ideas, respond in the comments and let us know. We’ll keep trying to think of ways we can serve you in the midst of this.

I ordered at 6:oo a.m. with no problem. I’m sure if you try really late at night or really early tomorrow you’ll get your order in.

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