Want a log cabin? We know a guy…

We had a visit from Ray Cooper yesterday. We originally met him when he went through the LIFT program at Camp of the Woods. That was about four years ago. He and Al got to be friends and Ray even went along as a leader with Al on the Boys’ Brigade fishing trip for a week in the woods.

It was good to see him yesterday. He usually just pops in unannounced at church and fortunately he didn’t have dinner plans so we nabbed him. The kiddos enjoyed getting to know him too! Ray is patient and seemed interested in what they were doing. He jumped on the trampoline with Ruth and pushed them endlessly on the swing.

It was a fun afternoon. But the reason I’m posting about it is because he told us what he’s been doing and it sounds really cool.

He’s been at Pat Wolfe’s Log Building School in Lanark, Ontario. He learned how to build log houses using the scribing method. I looked it up after he left and it’s a pretty well-known operation if you are in the log building business. Maybe some of my Canadian readers have heard of it?? (I know you’re out there 🙂 ) People have gone to the school from all over the world and there have been 3000 students graduate from the courses. Also, I have family from some of the places mentioned on the website – Kitchener ONT and London ONT. Ok, now I’m rambling, so I’ll save the Canadian Connection for another post.

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