NY Times Article on Ethiopian Adoption

This is an interesting article from the NY Times about adopting from Ethiopia. The article talks about families who were using Christian World Adoption having children that were switched (referrals). The families involved posted about this situation ALOT on the Ethiopian Adoption group I belong to and the moderator finally pulled all post access until after the NY Times article ran.

Because there are only a few agencies licensed in Ethiopia and the demand to adopt from there is strong, there are tons of waiting families with each agency. The agencies feel the pressure to “deliver” according to the timeline and practices can easily become slipshod at best. Either there are empty promises or hasty decisions.

I think that more oversight of the process in Ethiopia is good but I’m sure it won’t be so “easy” to adopt from Ethiopia once changes are in place. But I’m in favor of protecting the children and families from wrong practices and jeopardizing the entire process. Guatemala is an example of abuse of the adoption system resulting in tightening sanctions and nightmares for the families and children involved.

Also of interest in the article is the accompanying video.

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