2 Kids and a Kit

It has been too long since I’ve posted some kid pics.
Here are some taken early last summer. Al came home from work with this cute little guy. He had found him on the road, dead (he thought) after being hit by a car. Al figured he could bring him home to show the kids (always learning about wildlife here in the Adirondacks!). But foxy wasn’t dead. He was just mostly dead, so after a visit to Miracle Max, and after breathing out the words ‘true love’…oops, wrong plot!
So we tried to help him. At first he was unresponsive. But then I remembered the Pedialyte! He pepped up a little and would walk around. We got some great pictures and even invited a couple of wildlife photographers over to try and get some shots. Brian from Adirondack Graphic Design took the shot at the top of the post.
Realizing that we couldn’t take care of him and rehabilitate him, I made tons of calls to find a NYS licensed wildlife rehabilitator who would also take care of his medical needs. Finally, I found a great woman, whose specialty is owls, willing to help.
We had Foxy Brown for a couple of days then we took him to the rehabilitator. He was suffering with a… (OK, this is gross, so you might want to go to the next paragraph…) maggot infestation and almost died again.
But he rebounded after proper treatment and is living out the rest of his days in a nearby fox sanctuary. His broken hip and leg healed but he has a limp, so he can’t be released into the wild. He is a kept fox and we were thankful to have the chance to interact with one of God’s creatures so closely.

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