If God were not to be enjoyed in heaven…

“If God were not to be enjoyed in heaven, but only vast wealth, immense treasures of silver, and gold, great honour of such kind as men obtain in this world, and a fulness of the greatest sensual delights and pleasures; all these things would not make up for the want of God and Christ, and the enjoyment of them there. If it were empty of God, it would indeed be an empty melancholy place. -The godly have been made sensible, as to all creature-enjoyments, that they cannot satisfy the soul; and therefore nothing will content them but God. Offer a saint what you will, if you deny him God, he will esteem himself miserable. God is the centre of his desires; and as long as you keep his soul from its proper centre, it will not be at rest.”

from God the Best Portion, by Jonathan Edwards April 1736
in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. 2

Morning Coffee…

“May the glory of the LORD endure forever,
may the LORD rejoice in his works.”
Psalm 104:31