Morning Coffee…

The LORD your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.
Zephaniah 3:17

Morning Coffee…

“I will meditate on your precepts
and fix my eyes on your ways.”
Psalm 119:15

Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds posted the following message regarding the Desiring God book sale. What a good problem to have! (although – no doubt it’s frustrating)

Between Two Worlds: Special Message from the Folks at DG

Matt Perman asked if I’d post this note for those of you trying to access their big two-day sale:

The sale has generated so much traffic to the checkout process in our store that the DG server is at its limit. In fact, the traffic is so high that even two servers couldn’t handle it. There are some solutions we can implement (namely, optimizing the code in the checkout process), but none that could be implemented by tomorrow.

So here is a different idea: Let’s divide the traffic to the DG site into two sources: (1) People that are reading this post and (2) people that aren’t. If everybody reading this post waits until tomorrow to order (I’m so sorry to ask this of you!), then there might be enough processing power for all the other people that don’t know what’s happening. Perhaps enough of that group will place their orders tonight, and tomorrow everyone else will make it through. And, obviously, the more you spread the word about this post, the more the people in group 1 increases, and the more likely this is to work.

Again, I’m so sorry to even mention this idea–our aim is to make your lives easier, not harder. And of course we don’t even know if this will work–but it seems worth a try. If you have other ideas, respond in the comments and let us know. We’ll keep trying to think of ways we can serve you in the midst of this.

I ordered at 6:oo a.m. with no problem. I’m sure if you try really late at night or really early tomorrow you’ll get your order in.


We have been praying for these women in Indonesia. We even had our sunday school classes praying for them. I’m happy to see this and I am excited to share this praise with the kids who were praying too!

Click here for the full story

DUBLIN, June 8 (Compass Direct News) – A small crowd gathered to welcome Dr. Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun as they walked free from the Indramayu district prison in West Java, Indonesia early this morning. They had served nearly two years of their three-year sentence. The three women were arrested in May 2005 and sentenced to prison that September for allowing Muslim children to attend their Sunday school program, even though the parents had consented to their children’s attendance. Authorities quietly moved the release from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. after Muslim extremists said they would gather outside the prison to protest the reduced sentence. During their 2005 trial, Muslim extremists had made murderous threats within and outside the courtroom. The women said they had no fears for the future and were convinced that God would protect and guide them forward. “It was really moving to see how the other prisoners cried when they waved goodbye to them,” an eyewitness told Compass.

Pyromaniacs: Punch Line Optional

Pyromaniacs: Punch Line Optional


Some Updates:
Adoption –
The homestudy is finished, but awaiting official clearances. We are waiting for have our FBI fingerprinting appointment-WooHoo. I think I have most of the documents put together and ready for round two of notary certifications, including travel to Albany – for those of you who know me, you know I just can’t wait for that 🙂 Hopefully our dossier will be ready soon. I am not really anxious about it. The courts in Ethiopia close for rainy season and the new year (celebrated Sept. 11 over there) and it’s a new millenium for Ethiopia too. So there are some built in delays to the process, but I am trusting the Lord with our Ethiopian baby boy and know we will see him when it’s time.

Remember this guy?

Well now his really big brother has begun to come around. Sunday night, he pulled our garbage can off the porch and casually sat in our driveway eating his spoils (ha, literally!) The next night he came back and decided to spread Al’s fishing gear all over the yard. Really! Last night, no sign. I know we live in the ADKs and this is fairly common, but I don’t love him visiting our porch!

Piece by tiny piece of dereliction… update:
My original post about “The Positive Bible” caught the attention of Christina (thanks!). Here are a couple more tiny pieces for your consideration…

The Pyromaniacs:
A Little Leaven: