Where we went yesterday…

This is a great place!

We (Al, the kiddos, our friend, ‘Mr. Ben’ and I) traveled the 40 minutes or so to Northern Frontier to take a walk around the camp. The road is a long dirt road from this sign and it is mainly a one-way at a time only twisty journey.

This is the place that Al goes each summer and leads a week-long fishing/camping trip. He usually has 8 or 9 teenage boys along with a teenage ‘co-counselor’ They hike three miles from the camp to Big Bad Luck, an Adirondack lake packed with northern pike, bass and snapping turtles. After a few days there, they head to the Hudson river to camp and do some trout fishing. He has been doing this for 10 years now (I think). It is a great opportunity for him to spend with these young guys, away from their normal culture, and teach and build into them. He also gets to spend some quality time with our nephew, ‘Shawnie boy’ (who is 17 now and would kill me if he read that nickname on my blog!)

Al went himself as kid and has even taken me camping & fishing at Big Bad Luck. The name of Big Bad Luck Pond is meant to deter fishermen from this prime spot.

We had a good day there yesterday. No one was around but the blackflies.

From the dining hall porch…

On the way to the trip locker…

Near the lake…

Some things we held and saw…

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