Ken Ham

Just watched Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) talk to John Kasich (filling in for O’Reilly) about his new museum. There was, of course, an expert opposed to Ham, and frankly after listening to Kasich, two opponents to creation. Kasich wondered why creation and evolution couldn’t be working together. Ham suggested that many in ‘the church’ say the same, but that a literal Genesis and evolution cannot work together and talked about the God of the Bible. He said something like, ‘if you read your Bible…’ and Kasich immediately responded with ‘I do read the Bible.’

I also saw a promo for a story about the museum on CNN, but didn’t bother to watch. I know what to expect from CNN.

btw – i don’t really normally watch O’Reilly, he kind of gets me going – just so you know 🙂

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