Elizabeth Prentiss

I have begun Elizabeth Prentiss by Sharon James. So far, I’ve read the intro by Barbara Hughes, the preface and chapters 1 & 2. I know that Girltalk already did the book club, so you can read some great insights there. There is also a multi-part interview with Sharon James. Good stuff.

I will say that I am really enjoying my reading so far. Some highlights include her beloved father’s letter to his mother at Elizabeth’s birth listing at least six ‘special mercies’ associated with the event. Elizabeth was not their first child, in fact, she was their fifth child and yet her father was as awed and blessed as if she was firstborn. He wrote at the end of his letter:

“Still God is kind to us. Louisa and the babe continue as well as we could desire. Truly, my cup runs over with blessings. I can still scarcely help thinking that God is preparing me for some severe trial; but if He will grant me His presence as He does now, no trial can seem severe. Oh, could I now drop the body, I would stand and cry to all eternity without being weary: ‘God is holy, God is just, God is good; God is wise and faithful and true’… Could I sing upon paper I should break forth into singing, for day and night I can do nothing but sing…But I must close. I can not send so much love and thankfulness to my parents as they deserve. My present happiness I ascribe under God to them and their prayers.”

I love that he wrote that way. You can see where Elizabeth’s own way with words came from. Sharon James quotes Julia Willis, a childhood friend of Elizabeth’s, saying,

“An ingenuous frankness about herself and her affairs-ever her little weaknesses
– was one of her most striking traits.”

I won’t keep going, but would encourage you to read this book about the woman who wrote, “More Love to Thee.”

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