The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

A departure from my regular post – but Ruth’s delight in Penelope makes me laugh!

Thanks to the Boomerang channel – my 5 year old daughter’s favorite heroine is Penelope Pitstop. Originally appearing in The Wacky Races (based on the movie, The Great Race) as the ‘Gal of the Gas Pedal’ in her pink car with all the grooming necessities (a girl’s gotta look good), Penelope was spun off to her own show. Penelope is based on Natalie Wood’s character in The Great Race.

Ruth’s two barbies (*gasp* yes, she does have barbies) become Penelope and are often placed into perilous situations by ‘the hooded claw’.

From Wikipedia: “Penelope’s catchphrase is “Help, help!” (spoken in an affected upper-class U.S. South accent). Here she displays a curious combination of ingenuity and helplessness. She often figured out clever ways to get out of perils, and was very athletic; if any sport happened to be mentioned, it was revealed that she was the women’s champion in said sport in college. Nonetheless, when the Hooded Claw grabbed her, she would somehow be incapable of doing anything other than yelling for help.”

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