Thoughts from the Teahouse – FIRST POST

My first post will explain the name of my blog. The rest of my posts will be about the lives of the inhabitants of the Teahouse (my family) and the great God we trust, love and serve.
OK (deep breath) – my first blog. You may be wondering about the name of this blog. Basically, my husband and I bought and renovated our home from the county historical society. Our house was built around 1829 and at one time was operated as a Teahouse for guests in the 20’s and 30’s. Folks in our area still refer to our home as “the old teahouse”. Frankly, the original house was quite small and if I didn’t have the pictures, I couldn’t imagine it as a local hot-spot.

I drink a ton of coffee and prefer it over tea, but I like the name of the house, so…I named my first attempt at a blog after our house. I promise that the blog will likely never be about tea!!

More about the house: As I said it was built around 1829 and was the first federal style home built in our area. At that time, our area was comprised of pioneers living in mostly log homes and native americans. If you’ve ever read the James Fenimore Cooper Leatherstocking series (which I highly recommend) our area is described in a couple of the books. Particularly the “Deerslayer” books and The Last of the Mohicans. As I type this, I am longing to go back and read the series again!

The man who built our house was named Henry Carnrike. He purchased the property from a Mr. Jewel and built his homestead. His five daughters were born in the four-room house and they later married local gents from the area. Many years later, after remaining empty, the house was gifted to the Hamilton County Historical Society. They had hopes of restoration but had no money. In 1995, they put the house up for sale so they could fix up a local church that they also owned. We bought it, and after 10 months of renovations, moved into it in 1996 with our two dogs – Kelah and Harper.

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